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You must complete 45 hours of CLE, seven of which must be devoted to professional liability. The seven hours devoted to professional responsibility must include: At least two credit hours in the area of justice, diversity and inclusion and at least five credit hours in the areas of legal ethics or legal professionalism. When entering your credit hours in your online CLE transcript, keep in mind that “general” credits include the total number of hours for which a program has been accredited. If a program has also achieved recognition of professional responsibility (legal ethics, legal professionalism and/or justice, diversity and inclusiveness), do not subtract these credits from the “general” category. For example, if a program has been accredited for 6 general credits, 4 of which have earned ethics credits – if you have completed 100% of the program, enter 6 in the field for general credits and 4 in the field for legal ethics. DO NOT subtract from these categories unless you have not participated in the entire course. One hour of CLE credit is equivalent to 50 minutes of instruction. As society becomes more complex, the provision of legal services becomes increasingly complex. The public expects lawyers in their legal practice and judges in the performance of their duties to continue their legal and legal education throughout their legal careers.

The purpose of the mandatory legal education requirements is to ensure that every Colorado attorney and judge has a legal and professional development plan throughout their career in order to promote competence and professionalism and stay up to date with the law in our rapidly changing society. The FBA also works with MyLaw CLE to provide live and on-demand webinars on a variety of areas and topics of federal law that keep practitioners informed of the ever-changing legal landscape. For a limited time, you can now purchase the All-Access Annual Pass at the same study price as a CLE program. Enjoy access to the online catalog for one year and pay only $245. You cannot register for any of the CLE programs on our website. You must contact the CLE program provider to register for all the programs you are currently taking. Professional responsibility of the main program (co-sponsored by Continuing Legal Education) Only programs accredited by our office can be entered online directly into your transcript. To report any activity to our office other than participation in an accredited Live program in Colorado or a Homestudy/On-Demand program, you must complete the appropriate form and submit it to our office for review and processing. Click here for the forms. Click here for frequently asked questions about other activities for which you can earn CLE credits. Click here to receive announcements of CLE rules and regulatory changes Your MCLE commitment begins on the day of your admission or certification to the Colorado State Bar Association.

The first compliance period begins on the day of approval or certification and ends on December 31 of the third full calendar year following the year of approval or certification to practice law in Colorado. For non-lawyer judges, the first period of compliance with the CLE begins on the date of appointment as a judge and ends on December 31 of the third full calendar year following the year of appointment as a judge. The Attorney`s Office of Regulatory Counsel has the authority to ensure that every Colorado attorney meets their CLE requirements under C.R.C.P. 250 et seq. The Office of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education is responsible for maintaining records for CLE credits claimed by each Colorado attorney. The Supreme Court`s Continuing Legal and Judicial Education Committee formulates regulations and carries out specific tasks set out in the ECLC Rules. You must complete all CLE activities before the age of 31. December of last year in your execution period, but you have until January 31 of the following month to report compliance. In the example above, you will need to complete your key activities before December 31, 2022, but you would have until January 31, 2023 to report the activities to our office. We recommend that you declare your key activities at the time of completion to avoid late fees and penalties for reporting late compliance. For more information on the All-Access Annual Pass or account issues, please visit or call 888-413-1959.

Legal Education Section – Worksheet Click here to learn more about CLE`s non-compliance and reinstatement If you have questions about registering for an upcoming live event, please contact The Federal Bar Association offers certified live CLE programs in more than 40 states throughout the year. A complete list of CLE seminars and conferences can be found in the calendar of events. For example, if you are admitted to Colorado on May 10, 2019, your first compliance period will run from May 10, 2019 to December 31, 2022 – provided you have been in active condition for that entire period. Your subsequent compliance period runs from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025, provided that you have been in active condition throughout that period.