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Beaumont Legal Beaumont House

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I almost never leave any comments. However, Beaumont`s level of service was so poor that I felt it necessary to warn others. Do not use these lawyers****** We unfortunately used Beaumont to buy a house. We are done, but there are still problems that are happening now more than 4 months later. The real estate agent of the property purchased by us has forbidden all customers to use this company. The whole process was very stressful. Non-existent communication and they no longer accept our phone calls or emails. We had to contact the administrators directly to express our frustration and we are still waiting for a response. Do not use We have been providing legal services in the UK for 200 years.

Our history and years of expertise have helped us build a team of experienced professionals. We hired Oliver Dyson from Beaumont Legal for our move. Oliver was amazing! The other lawyers in the chain were extremely problematic, insensitive, indifferent, and seemed overwhelmed and unable to facilitate anything. Oliver was exactly the opposite, totally professional, very knowledgeable and extremely responsive and happy to discuss any issues. Oliver also played a leading role in providing solutions and getting things done for other lawyers. The purchase would have failed without him. Probably costs a little more than an undervalued transportation service, but 100% what you need to do. I can`t recommend it highly enough! Legal Beaumont is appalling in every way and should be avoided at all costs. You`ll struggle to use common sense among the different case managers you`ll come across, simple questions will take weeks to deal with, and there will be so many last-minute issues that you`ll be lucky if your sale doesn`t fail.

THE WORST We recently bought our new home with Beaumont`s legal expertise. Julie Powell did the first legal work efficiently and thoroughly and provided us with the relevant information. Our file was then forwarded to Bethan, who was assisted by Jodie. Bethan and Jodie were both excellent at providing us with frequent updates. They were also proactive in tracking developers when updates were missing. Overall, a great experience. We would not hesitate to reuse Beaumont and recommend it to our friends and family. Thank you to everyone involved in our transaction. Just like many other reviewers, I am another unhappy soul who uses Beaumont Legal as a lawyer to buy a home. 17 weeks and they stopped answering emails, and if you can go through the phone line, the person on My Experience with Beaumont Legal was very good. Given the external factors within my channel, my lawyer Michelle Rock was very clear and concise about what stood out and always kept me informed. She was always very polite, friendly and also very approachable, which was much appreciated as a first time buyer.

Thank you, Michelle. This is the 2nd time we have Beaumont legally for the sale and purchase of a property. As with my first experience, they are extremely professional, truthful and offer a stress-free experience as moving the house is quite stressful without having to deal with the paperwork involved. Michelle and Natalia were fantastic in their communication and made sure every little detail was covered. Thank you for making our dream come true. I would like to be able to present in a few sentences the disappointment and dissatisfaction for this law firm. Due to their LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM and non-existent COMMUNICATION, I lost my first home. they were delayed by 18 MONTHS to meet the deadlines.

I could honestly write an essay about their incompetence. I have to agree with Becky on every point of her experience. I am in the process of buying a house and they are acting on my behalf. Beaumont Legal does not respond at all and it is impossible to talk to a real person. At one point, we waited 2 hours on their unanswered phone queue system. Do not use this company under any circumstances. I have never had such bad experiences with lawyers. It took me 10 months to close a sale, and I didn`t have a house for sale. It was the most stressful experience, and the seller was about to pull out due to the delay. YOU DON`T USE THESE LAWYERS TERRIBLY!!! I had the worst experience with Beaumont Legal.

Continuously inaccessible. Delayed the sale of my property to the point that I was looking for another lawyer to initiate legal proceedings because they have not yet published any finds that are due to me in my account 6 months after my sale. Have contacted several of the executives via email to investigate the matter, but still have no contact for more than £1,000.00 they continue to hold. They are associated with Haart real estate agents, where they have also been laid off due to persistent poor service. I never write reviews, but I just had to do it in this case!! We are Canberra`s leading recruitment firm for SES, legal and government appointments. Our executive search, permanent recruitment and contracting services enable public and private sector clients to build capacity through the appointment of exceptional professionals. Beaumont was recommended to us by our real estate agent and Oliver was our lawyer. He was amazing! There were some very frustrating moments with our buyers, but Oliver calmed us down and stayed calm even when we weren`t! He was always at the end of a phone and kept us informed of emails. He was very professional and understanding and we recommend using Beaumont for all legal property matters. My worst experience was hiring a lawyer.

If you plan to use this company for transmission, follow my advice and run a mile. They never answered my calls, never answered any of my emails and I was never able to seek legal advice at any point in my transfer process, even though I had paid more than £2000 in legal fees. I have never been able to speak to a receptionist who is not legally qualified to give advice. I never managed to talk to a qualified lawyer until the very day the contract was exchanged, when she finally called me when it was too late to do anything anyway. Absolutely appalling customer service. I lost £4000 on my sale due to their failure to further develop my transfer which was a simple rented apartment and it took almost 6 months! Avoid this lawyer at all costs. My experience was actually in 2021, but I was able to file this review because I didn`t want to compromise my ombudsman complaint I had filed against them. By the way, the legal ombudsman was just as useless as the lawyer himself, so don`t bother relying on them if you find yourself in a bad situation like me. We recently bought a house and used Beaumont Legal. We had great service from start to finish. Everything progressed very quickly and we were kept informed throughout the process.

Whenever we contacted Beaumont Legal by phone, the phones were always answered very quickly and the team was very helpful. Special mention to Karolina Labecka and Kirsty Rowett who were exceptionally helpful – thank you! Wow, where do I start. If I could give a zero, I would. I have a simple purchase of a house without a chain, for which I (stupidly) asked Beaumont Legal in April. It is still not settled on 5 months while I was initially quoted for 10 weeks! Meanwhile, I could count on my hands the number of responses Ive received from this company. Your direct phone lines are not working and no one is responding. They do not respond to emails. They don`t care. If you are looking for a company to get you into a property on time, STAY CLEAR from Beaumont Legal.

Just the worst mistake I`ve made, Terrible. My buyer has been taking care of it for 6 months. You requested requests twice, every 2 months after sending the first responses, and then requested similar requests that are not a request from me. My lawyer cannot reach them. The buyer can not penetrate to them. Almost six months for a purchase without a chain. My real estate agents said they had never seen anything so bad from a lawyer. I really don`t understand how this company is still in business. Avoid if you want something done effectively or if you like to have contact with your lawyer. We are excited to help DISR find a dynamic leader with exceptional negotiation skills. DFATD is looking for talented and motivated individuals to take on several roles as Assistant Secretary.

The Department of Finance is seeking a highly qualified executive with a deep understanding of economic developments. I`ve never left a Google review. Don`t be tempted to use this company for anything. I have a simple sale without a chain that has taken six months so far. They don`t respond to emails and don`t call you back so promised. … I thought it might be beneficial to leave a review from the seller`s point of view as we didn`t use Beaumont Legal ourselves, but the person who bought our property did. As many other comments here say, dealing with Beaumont on our side has been one of the worst professional exchanges we have ever experienced. The case of our buyer was passed from person to person and, therefore, the most basic points on the way were missed – for example, when exchanging funds without deposit and this was not agreed in advance and we did not conclude until the end of the afternoon of the day of completion, which meant that we would incur additional costs for our buyout. We also received the wrong amount of finishing funds, which meant that the real estate agent had to arrange a money transfer at 5:30pm on the day of completion.

The buyer, provided that his money was handled correctly, sat in the parking lot of the real estate agent for about 6 hours on the day of completion, as the funds were not transferred before the agreed deadline of 2 p.m. Our agency`s after-sales team confirmed that Beaumont`s approach to investing was generally unprofessional. You`ve added them to a list to mark them with future sellers. If we had known at the point of sale what it would be like to negotiate with Beaumont Legal, we would not have accepted the buyer`s offer.