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Provides free legal advice to victims of sexual assault with legal issues in the areas of privacy, security, housing, education, employment, immigration, LGBTQ issues, criminal justice, and financial stability. The Massachusetts Legal Aid Corporation provides free civil assistance to low-income individuals. They usually deal with civil issues such as custody, domestic violence, housing, health care, employment, government benefits, and the elderly. Provides free legal advice to asylum seekers and promotes the rights of detained immigrants. The mission of Veterans Legal Services is to promote the self-sufficiency, stability and financial security of homeless and low-income Veterans through free and accessible legal services. Get free legal advice from the Office of Housing Stability and learn how to contact lawyers who can help. The Children`s Law Center of Massachusetts provides legal and advocacy advice to low-income children. They regularly address issues such as emancipation, immigration, the rights of “elderly” foster children, access to education and the collateral consequences of the involvement of juvenile courts. Try calling their 1-888-KIDLAW8 helpline on weekdays from 9 a.m.

to 5 p.m. to speak to a lawyer immediately. At Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), our team of 69 lawyers and 17 paralegals provides free civil (non-criminal) legal assistance to low-income individuals and families in boston and the surrounding area. The goal of racial justice is integrated into all of our areas of practice. Additional information and assistance can be obtained from the legal aid organisations listed below. Greater Boston Legal Services does not discriminate against individuals who use services on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, age, religion, nation of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, marital status, veteran status, or any other status protected by law. In addition to regional legal aid organizations, the MLAC funds legal aid organizations that specialize in a particular issue or type of law, including education, immigration, prisoners` rights, disability rights, consumer rights, etc. You may be eligible for civil legal aid if your annual income is equal to or less than 125% of the federal poverty line. In Massachusetts, it`s currently $34,688 a year for a family of four.

There are different criteria for seniors and victims of crime. Boston College`s Office of Legal Assistance is led by Boston College law students and overseen by practicing lawyers. They advise and represent clients on a variety of legal issues, including domestic violence prevention, family law, landlord-tenant disputes, and Social Security disability appeals. They also provide free legal services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and first-time homebuyers through their community business clinic. The Disability Law Center provides protection and advocacy for the rights of Massachusetts residents with a variety of disabilities (physical, psychiatric, sensory, or cognitive), regardless of income. Instead of providing support on general legal issues, they specialize in facilitating access to community services, special education, health care and disability benefits for people with disabilities. The Community Legal Services and Counseling Center is run entirely by volunteers and provides free civil assistance to those in need. They provide legal assistance in the areas of family law and domestic violence; housing and prevention of homelessness; disability benefits; and immigration and refugee rights. They also provide affordable psychological care.

Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder gives you recommendations for free, low-cost programs in legal counseling organizations, nonprofits, courts, and self-help materials. MLAC funds organizations that help people solve civil (non-criminal) legal problems. If you require assistance with a criminal matter, contact the Public Counsel Committee at 617-482-6212. MLAC does not provide legal advice or representation. If you need help with a legal problem in Massachusetts, there are several ways to find it. Below you will find information about: Prisoners` Legal Services provides civil legal assistance to people in Massachusetts state jails or county jails. They can help address issues such as access to medical care (including mental health care), assaults on staff, extreme conditions of detention, and segregation. They do NOT deal with criminal matters that are not directly related to detention. Greater Boston Legal Services provides free civil assistance to low-income people in the Greater Boston Area. They have a large team of lawyers and can help you with issues related to consumer rights, seniors, health and disability law, labour law, family law, housing law, immigration issues and social assistance. They also have specific programs designed to help Asian Americans and children with disabilities.

Before you call, check to see if you qualify for free assistance according to the income guidelines. Volunteer lawyers, paralegals and law students, led by lawyers, strive to give residents of the greater Boston area equal access to representation. The Wilmer Hale Legal Services Center at Harvard Law School offers free or significantly reduced legal representation to Harvard law students supervised by a licensed attorney. They can help you with issues related to disability benefits, estate planning, consumer law, family law, government benefits, housing law and veterans` benefits. Each week, Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) provides free legal assistance and representation in civil (non-criminal) cases to hundreds of the most needy residents of Boston City and 31 surrounding towns and villages. The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute specializes in large-scale legislative initiatives that address the root causes of poverty, remove barriers to opportunity, and promote economic stability. Its programs include labour law, family homelessness, family law and domestic violence, health care, housing, immigration and civil rights. The Boston Bar Association`s Volunteer Lawyers project provides civil legal representation to the needy in Boston through the pro bono services of a wide range of more than 1,000 private lawyers. With so many volunteer lawyers, the committee is able to handle many different types of cases. The legal world can be a confusing place, so it`s usually in your best interest to hire a qualified professional.

However, many people do not have the means to be represented by a lawyer, even though the need for support can be great. Fortunately, Boston`s legal aid groups specialize in representing low-income people and people in particularly vulnerable situations, such as recent immigrants, children or abused women. The Office of Housing Stability can put you in touch with lawyers who can help you if you are facing eviction. There are also other legal resources for tenants in Boston. Free legal representation for low-income people The COVID-19 section of MassLegalHelp contains comprehensive information about your legal rights in areas such as housing, benefits, discrimination, healthcare, and more. The key to choosing a qualified legal counsel is to contact a group that specializes in your particular legal issue and feel comfortable talking seriously with the person who represents your interests. To make your search easier, we`ve compiled a list of reliable legal aid groups in Boston. These organizations provide professional and cost-effective legal assistance to those in need who are eligible.

These sites are a joint effort of the Massachusetts civil legal aid community and are funded by MLAC. MassLegalHelp is managed by lawyers from the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute; Mass Legal Answers Online is managed by MLRI through the Boston Bar Association`s Volunteer Lawyers project and is part of the National American Bar Association Free Legal Answers Project. The Massachusetts Advocates for Children provide legal services to children who are at risk due to poverty, race, limited English or disability and who face significant barriers to equal educational and opportunity opportunities. They have a specific program aimed at School Reform in Boston and run the Legal Support Center for Special Education in Autism. The Committee for Public Counsel Services is the public defender for the Boston area. They oversee the legal representation of the poor in criminal cases where there is a right to a lawyer, as well as in certain related civil cases where a person`s liberty is in the state, such as mental health proceedings. Massachusetts Legal Answers Online is a free service that allows you to ask a question to a volunteer lawyer on the Internet. This is a good option if you have one or two legal questions. For more information about these MLAC-funded mutual legal aid organizations, as well as other non-profit organizations, government agencies, and court programs that could help you resolve your legal issue, see the Legal Resource Search Tool. Middlesex County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (781) 939-2797 The Small Claims Advisory Service is a group of volunteers who help Massachusetts citizens navigate the small claims system.

They can help you with small claims issues related to auto law, consumer law, credit and debt law, home renovation law, and landlord-tenant disputes. National experts on various consumer law issues, including: student loans, debt collection, civil protection, mortgages, consumer protection, etc. Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (617) 654-0400 Toll Free: (866) MASS-LRS ((866) 627-7577) ATS: (617) 338-0585 Court Website – Updates on Courts and Emergency Orders The Asylum and Immigration Political Representation Project is committed to ensuring the safety and freedom of asylum seekers who have fled persecution worldwide and to promoting the rights of immigrants, who have been unjustly imprisoned.