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I don`t think anyone outside of Nathan would have had the competence to work there. Nathan even told Mike that Oliver is exactly the kind of lawyer you get at the clinic when Mike tried to do something about Oliver`s tendency to drop the ball in court. And none of the people at the clinic had the potential of a Manhattan law firm. I know Mike is a fantastic lawyer, but he wiped the floor with Oliver. I don`t think anyone at the clinic wanted to work in corporate law, but when Mike said, “Anyone I want to get out of the clinic, I can.” In fact, I was sure that Olivier would become his personal partner or that his Mike would become his Harvey. Because specter suffered is a cooperating company, it does not do well for people where the clinic was there to serve the defenseless and poor, S-L focuses on high-level corporate law, the opposite of what the clinic does. Mike`s struggle with the kind of cases that companies prefer to what Mike would prefer to prioritize is exactly why Nathan and Oliver don`t want to work for S-L. and that`s the main reason he and Rachel went to Seattle. After last week`s episode of Suits put a lot of emphasis on Harvey`s reconciliation with his estranged mother, episode 13 of season six was more focused on what we expect from the successful legal drama. “Teeth, Nose, Teeth” weaved several plots into an episode that teases some seductive arcs at the end of the season. Nathan doesn`t tell everyone at the clinic about Mike`s past, so almost everyone thinks he`s a former Pearson Specter Litt lawyer who couldn`t handle the cases and slept there until he could come back. Her biggest opponent is Marissa, a very confident law student who refuses Mike`s help in a case she`s working on. Mike spends most of the episode working with her and earning her respect.

um. It`s not his business, and more importantly, the clinic didn`t have Ivy League graduates, they had local law graduates who pledged to help. Harvey and Mike need to work together. If Mike is called to the bar, I hope he stays at work in a clinic instead of returning to Pearson Specter Litt. But for the next few episodes, it will definitely be great to see, ride and swap Mike and Harvey together again (great intro music queue). That fight could partly go back to the second episode of the season (airing July 19) titled “The Statue,” which is why Mike could return to the legal clinic to do pro bono work — though that was always part of his original plan. He can return to the business he originally called home, but while continuing to do what he can to keep the original promise he made when he was about to go to jail: he wants to use his legal powers for good and help people who can`t help themselves. While Harvey is in Boston, Mike is busy adjusting to his new job.

Yes, our little crook got a job. And not just any job, but one in the legal clinic he visited in last week`s episode. Nathan, who runs this legal clinic, shows up at Mike`s apartment to offer him a job because he`s been impressed with Mike`s work on previous cases and the fact that he`s been honest with his application. But more importantly, Mike`s background means Nathan doesn`t have to pay him well to supervise all the lawyers and law students at the clinic. Right now, I`m cautiously optimistic about spending time in this world of the Legal Clinic. As featured in today`s episode, Marissa and Oliver aren`t the most interesting characters in the world, but there`s hope they can evolve into something more. The biggest problem is that the show has to offer Mike and the legal clinic really compelling cases that challenge Mike in ways he`s never been challenged before — while developing this new environment. Tonight`s eviction case was rather wobbly. Luckily, we had the Specter family reunion to keep us hooked for an hour. No Oliver was nowhere near the level Mike would have liked as a partner Mike, Harvey, Rachel, Louis and Donna all have their own significant arcs in episode 13 of season six. For Mike, he is still adjusting to his new job as a legal clinic supervisor, which allows him to help those in need, but he struggles with the fact that he cannot attend court proceedings. Harvey and Louis were hired to find a solution to Rachel`s refusal to interview for admission to the New York Bar.

And Donna, who always seems to help everyone but herself, might have a chance to capitalize on her unique Donna being. In last week`s episode, Mike works directly as a supervisor at a legal clinic. The first case in which he helps is an eviction dispute, where the clinic client withheld rent due to unbearable conditions. In the end, Mike gives the client a cheque from his own pocket after Oliver botched the case in the courtroom. In “Teeth, Nose, Teeth,” the client does not hand over her rent cheque to the clinic on time when her child goes to the hospital after an asthma attack. Mike tries to hand over the check on his own, but shows up at the owner`s attorney`s office a few minutes late and is turned away. Obviously, Mike, who really wants to make a difference after his time in prison, won`t let that happen. He didn`t because Specter Litt wasn`t used to taking on pro bono cases, and aside from Nathan, no one at the clinic had what it takes to be a lawyer for Specter Litt. Oliver was good, but he still had a long way to go before he reached the level of Spectre Litt.