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Missouri Continuing Legal Education Seminars

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A 6-hour package of popular classes that add an extra dose of fun to your CLE experience. Practical lessons for lawyers are drawn from the legal acts of famous people and major events in history. Available now. Meet your continuing education requirements and gain new skills and knowledge in high-demand fields, including legal technology, AI, ethics and more. Join thousands of lawyers who are enhancing their practice and meeting mandatory legal education requirements in Missouri with our selection of online MO CLE courses. Try it yourself with a risk-free trial. New Missouri lawyers have no training or reporting requirements for the MCLE compliance year in which they are first admitted to the bar. Only the American Bar Association offers a high-quality CLE in such a comprehensive range of relevant topics that benefit all lawyers across the country. Lawline makes legal education problem-free. Take an on-demand course today with our 10-day free trial or choose a subscription to get started Meredith is Director of Customer Experience at Lawline, where she is responsible for delivering a superior customer experience to support Lawline`s clients in their quest for fairness. Since joining Lawline in 2012, Meredith has taken on various roles within the company and earned an MBA. She is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of Lawline`s clients at every stage of their legal career.

The content of this site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Each state has its own rules and regulations that specify what qualifies for the CLE loan. Please contact your state`s MCLE regulator if you have specific questions about your MCLE rules. Graham Thatcher | Anna Marie Thatcher | Brian T. Guthrie, Esq. | Barry R. Vickrey, Esq. | Charles Abouretsk, Esq. | Alicia Garcia, Esq. | John M. Stuart, Esq. You can switch between our Basic and Unlimited plans at any time.

Express reporting courses and self-assessment courses available! Bundle of Best-Seller Litigation Seminars (Missouri) A 6-hour collection of our best-selling courses on procedural topics. Available for immediate use as an online video or, if you prefer, as an mp3 download. (Considered a “self-study” loan in Missouri.) All live webcasts listed on the Missouri page of our website have been fully accredited by the MCLE Division of the Missouri Bar Association for the number of credit hours indicated. With respect to on-demand courses, the MCLE department of the Missouri Bar classifies on-demand courses as “self-paced” continuing education courses and therefore does not approve on-demand courses. Instead, the Missouri Bar relies on the individual attorney to self-report all continuing education credits earned, including pre-approved live webcasts and self-paced on-demand courses. Get detailed information on MCLE regulations and general information on accreditation of CLE events, webinars, conference calls, and programs at the request of the ABA. Want to learn more about CLE in general and learn more about CLE webinars and on-demand products specifically for newly licensed lawyers? Jonathan Berns | Tyler Briggs | Stacy Bunck | Tara Eberline | Joseph Eischens | Shelley Ericsson | Sarah Holdmeyer | … HOW TO MANAGE TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IN YOUR BUSINESS Learn from Eli Mattern and Jenevieve Haggard as they explore the ethical issues associated with implementing new technical solutions for law firms. They cover everything from business technology assessment to proper adoption and implementation. Missouri History, Famous People and Law Package Get certificates of completion instantly once you`ve completed your continuing education course with our mobile app. Learn more about our affordable continuing education membership packages: Erin Hawley | Jeremiah Morgan | Gary Myers | Heidi Vollet All ABA members have unlimited and free access to over 600 widely accredited online webinars and on-demand programs. Under current rules, members from most states can meet all of their MCLE requirements with the free library.

Browse the Member Benefits Library and FINISH YOUR MCLE TODAY! Click here for submission instructions and other useful information. Whether you need to meet one credit hour or 15 hours of your Missouri CLE requirements, we make professional development and Missouri CLE compliance convenient and easy. All of our packages offer lawyers the opportunity to meet their MCLE requirements. Don`t want to decide now? Subscribe to an unlimited number of online CLEs and choose the on-demand continuing education courses or live webcasts you want for only $249 whenever you want. Learn more Some helpful notes on ABA`s live CLE webinars and on-demand CLE programs (from our one-year access policy and CLE certificates to using CART services). Step up into a specific area of practice with a sequence of courses designed to simplify your learning, develop your skills, and enhance your professional knowledge. MCLE Department, The Missouri Bar, 326 Monroe Street, P.O. Box 119, Jefferson City, MO 65102-2355 | (573) 635-4128 In response to the evolving situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, most live CLE events around the world have been cancelled. In response, states and other jurisdictions have temporarily suspended requirements requiring their lawyers to attend the CLE in person to meet their MCLE requirements, or have adjusted deadlines, fees, or other aspects of their rules. Your state may have temporarily changed the MCLE requirements.

Note that Missouri now requires 1 hour of “Bias Clearance” credit as part of the required 3 hours of ethics. Contact the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2221 for assistance with today`s webinars or to register for one of our programs.