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Montgomery County Tn Alcohol Laws

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In a “wet county,” the sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages is permitted in some jurisdictions. This designation applies to 76 of Tennessee`s 95 counties. With 50 states, there are at least 50 different laws surrounding the purchase and consumption of alcohol. What are Tennessee`s beer laws and what should consumers know about buying beer in Tennessee? The referendum was approved by all district commissioners present. Only Brandon Butts of District 7 was missing. Tennessee`s alcohol laws differ in that they vary greatly from county to county. Tennessee`s local government jurisdictions (counties and municipalities) are dry by default and do not allow the sale of spirits or wine. These governments must amend laws to allow the sale of alcohol and retail packaging. In many cases, the county can be dry, but a community is wet. The sale of beer does not affect a dry or wet designation. This list may not reflect recent changes.

In almost all counties, the sale and consumption of beer is permitted without changing the county`s designation from “dry” to “wet.” Note: Many counties have their own restrictions. Since the sale of beer does not change the “wet” or “dry” designation of a county, it is sold in most places. The resolution follows one passed by commissioners in November who are asking the state legislature to amend certain laws that give the county the authority to authorize alcohol and wine through drinking, as well as retail sales of wine outside the city limits. In response to a request from Clarksville Now, County Mayor Jim Durrett said legal concerns have been raised in collaboration with state lawmakers about legalizing wine sales at the county level, and that those issues in Nashville must be governed by private laws or a statewide law change. Anyone who sells alcohol is required by law to verify the identity of a person who does not appear to be 50 years of age or older at the time of purchase. The ID must be a valid (unexpired) government-issued photo ID, which can be a passport, driver`s license, or ID card. The term “wet county” applies to jurisdictions where the sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages is permitted — 10 of Tennessee`s 95 counties are wet. The state`s four largest cities, Memphis (Shelby), Nashville (Davidson), Knoxville (Knox) and Chattanooga (Hamilton), are located in wet counties.

Given the patchwork of county laws for counties, the information listed below explains what the state allows; Counties may have their own restrictions. Providing alcohol to a minor, even if they are related to you, is a Class A offense. Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Tennessee. Selling alcohol to minors or failing to verify identity is a Class A offense under Tennessee law. Although the state of Tennessee is not dry, many counties have some sort of restriction on the sale or consumption of alcohol. Some counties do not allow alcohol in drinking, while others do not allow the sale of packages. However, a passenger 21 years of age or older in the driver`s car may possess and consume an open container of alcohol without penalty. The referendum for the approval of spirits through the sale of beverages in district restaurants will be put to a vote on November 8. Read on to get a full overview of Tennessee`s beer laws, as well as where you can buy beer and under what circumstances in Tennessee.

A “dry” area is an area where alcohol is prohibited or strictly restricted. Tennessee is not a dry state. There are no dry states in the United States, which means that any state can sell alcohol. One interesting thing to note: selling beer doesn`t change the name of a county from dry to wet in Tennessee! Many dry counties legally sell beer in convenience stores. “Vice President Curtis Johnson and I have discussed this issue several times, with state attorneys and our district attorney. We`ve all decided that the best thing to do is to put this to a public referendum,” Durrett said. We felt that the referendum was the best way forward because we received requests from establishments that wanted to sell spirits after the drink and did not have retail applications. Only restaurants that do not sell alcohol can remain open 24 hours a day. Montgomery County received a two-thirds majority of the votes of the county commission, which is required to ask county voters a drink-alcohol question in a referendum. The blood alcohol level must not exceed 0.08% without penalty. As a state, Tennessee has fairly simple laws on alcohol consumption. However, regulations vary from county to county.

In a “dry county,” the sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages is prohibited or restricted — nine of Tennessee`s 95 counties are completely dry. The passage of the law is much to the chagrin of opponents who have argued that the Bible does not support alcohol consumption and others who have called the measure an affront to the culture of the southern part of the state. While some states allow minors to drink alcohol with their parents, minors in Tennessee are not allowed to drink beer with their parents. The minimum drinking age in Tennessee is 21 without exception. The laws governing the supply of alcohol in Tennessee include: In addition to Sunday sales, the new law includes several other provisions. Luke Gordin, co-owner of Caesar`s Wine and Liquor in Arlington, Tennessee, philosophized about the prospect of working on Sundays starting this weekend. Bars and restaurants often have draft beer as well as cans and bottles. Currently, customers can buy up to 16 ounces of beer to go, as long as they also buy groceries. On Sundays in Tennessee, retail stores (such as grocery stores or parcel stores) can sell beer between 10 a.m.

and 11 p.m., while bars and restaurants can serve beer between 10 a.m. and 3 a.m.