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Norma Legal Que

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A rule of law is a mandate or rule to guide the conduct of society. In particular, the rule of law confers rights and obligations on individuals in society. Any legal rule must be respected by individuals, as it can result in sanctions in case of violation. Legal norms differ from other types of legal norms in their characteristics: as stated in article 1 of the Spanish Civil Code, in its second paragraph, provisions that contradict another higher rank are invalid. Therefore, one rule of law cannot conflict with another higher-ranking rule of law. There are several ways of classifying legislation according to different aspects. Below we see some of the most important classifications. In the case of Spain, the hierarchy of legal norms in descending hierarchical order is as follows: According to the dictionary of legal Spanish, a legal norm or norm is any provision, rule, legal regulation or regulation. Wikipedia defines the legal norm as “a regulation aimed at ordering humane behavior prescribed by an authority whose violation may result in sanction.” (5) The rules contained in international treaties are not directly applicable in Spain until they have become an integral part of the internal system by their full publication in the Official Journal. A legal norm establishes rights and obligations that must be respected by individuals in society, as a violation can mean the imposition of a sanction.

3. Practices apply only in the absence of any applicable law, provided that they are not contrary to morality or public order and that they are proven. Legal practices that are not merely used to interpret a statement of intent are considered common. 4. General principles of law shall apply in the absence of legal or customary law, without prejudice to their determining nature of the legal order. 7. Judges and courts have an inexcusable duty to resolve the issues before them in all cases according to the established source system.