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Oklahoma Tattoo Laws

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When tattooing was banned in Oklahoma in 1963, it drove residents to neighboring states like Texas and Arkansas to get tattooed or open a business. “He was considered primitive and lower class,” Johnson said. “And tattoo parlors would be in those places where the respectable white middle class shouldn`t go.” But to answer tattoo artist Joshua Crain`s question about why the practice was banned in Oklahoma, I passed on the rumor he had heard to Johnson, who said it wasn`t clear who the state legislature or his daughter was, where she was tattooed or what it represented. State Rep. John Wright, R-Broken Arrow, believes the legal tattoo will hurt the state`s economy because employers are less likely to hire a tattooed candidate. If you haven`t reached the magic number “18” yet, you may be wondering; Can I get a tattoo at 16 in Oklahoma? Licences must be renewed annually from the date of issue. For example, if you received your tattoo permit on April 4, 2021, you must renew it by April 4, 2022. A licence renewal costs $250. If you try to renew it 30 days after expiration, the cost is $350. Crain tattooed for over 20 years, but he was there when tattooing wasn`t so widespread.

Crain heard a rumor that the tattoo became illegal because the daughter of a state legislature got a tattoo tattooed that he didn`t approve. This prompted Gaull to form a coalition of tattoo artists who organized fundraisers and set up voter registration booths. Oklahoma banned tattooing in 1963 and was the last state in the country to legalize the practice in 2006. The second rule for tattoo artists in Oklahoma is about their work environment – the store where they work must also be licensed. “Our society as a whole still doesn`t see tattoos in a favorable light,” he said. “Many CEOs don`t want people working on the front lines and openly drawing attention to themselves.” On November 1, 2006, Oklahoma lifted the tattoo ban and signed into law its list of regulations. While officials — and recognized professional artists — understood that this elevator would not end the operation of underground tattoo studios, they have now offered an alternative, sterilized option that will help Oklahomans feel safe. Like anywhere else in the world, getting tattooed in Oklahoma can be a great experience or a complete disaster, depending on where you go. That`s why it`s important to do your research before choosing an artist or store.

While Oklahoma`s tattoo laws are pretty strict for minors, there are a few other regulations for artists and businesses. One. It is illegal for any person to perform or offer piercings or tattoos on a child under the age of eighteen (18). Persons under the age of eighteen (18) cannot be tattooed. Persons under the age of eighteen (18) shall not undergo piercing proceedings unless such child`s parent or guardian gives written consent to the procedure and the child`s parent or guardian is present during the procedure. No one can purchase or possess tattoo equipment or accessories without being licensed as an Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentologist or as an Oklahoma Tattoo Artist. If you tattoo in Oklahoma for a short period of time (such as a tattoo convention), you can get a temporary tattoo license here. In fact, Oklahoma was the last state to approve and recognize tattooing as a legitimate business practice. The ban was imposed for health and safety reasons and, of course, for moral reasons. However, one thing the Oklahoma legislature at the time could not foresee was that by making the practice illegal, they pushed it underground where it was not regulated.

No wonder, this has led to many more problems than bad art. He was arrested for tattooing in 2003. He said he was filling out the paperwork for licensing and hoped to be approved by Wednesday. In North America, tribes used tattoos to represent themes such as belonging, achievements, and beliefs. In Oklahoma, the legal age for a tattoo is 18. The Department of Health has hired an additional public health specialist and now has four people to help regulate tattooing. The traditional American tattoo style, sometimes referred to as “old-school tattoos,” is one of them. In 1963, shortly after New York`s request, the state of Oklahoma banned tattoos and body modifications. Although, unlike New York, which lifted the ban in 1997, Oklahoma has complied with its law; Maintaining the ban until the twenty-first century. (5) `artist` means the person who actually carries out the piercing or tattooing procedure; “The laws make it a little harder for the average Joe to pick up a tattoo machine and say he knows what he`s doing,” said Brandon Mull, a member of the Oklahoma Tattooing and Piercing Association and the Oklahoma Body Art Coalition, which fought to change the state`s tattoo laws.