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Personified Legal Meaning

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She embodied the post-war generation`s concern about the mid-century women`s movement, particularly with regard to sexual agency. Ownership rights in productive assets are generally held by legal persons rather than individuals. Only individuals can own property, and the law defines individuals as involving organizations such as corporations, partnerships, and trusts. This chapter deals with the related issues of proof of fixed ownership of real property and efficient asset allocation among different legal entities. In short, corporate ownership coordinates the productive activity of selfish individuals. Previous research by economists has suggested that assigning control over assets reduces the inefficiencies of incomplete contracts caused by incomplete information. Thus, economic integration brings assets into co-ownership in order to avoid or simplify contracts. However, these theories do not distinguish between assets that are directly owned by a person and assets that are indirectly controlled by a corporation. Nor do they distinguish between assets held within the same unit and assets distributed among several units under common control. Recent literature fills this gap by explaining the legal significance of the boundaries of different entities, whether or not they are under the control of a single owner. The starting point for understanding the limitations of the business is to observe that the person best placed to control the use of an asset may not be in the best position to finance its use. Berle and Means (1932) stated that the firm was a means of achieving such separation and that separation raised significant and costly conflicts between owners and managers.

This chapter explains how the conscious definition of the limits of the enterprise can reduce these agency costs and thus the costs of financing productive activity. In particular, the discussion focuses on the merits of adjusting financing (or capital structure) to the type of investment. The law poses considerable challenges to the objectives of adaptation. While optimal financing terms are often asset-based, the law favours business-based rather than asset-based financing. In particular, the law requires a high degree of uniformity in the way assets are financed and managed within a single entity, and it creates barriers to cooperation between legal entities (trade in goods, services or capital across company boundaries), even if they are under common control. King personified the connections between women`s private experiences and broader social and political structures. The infamous algorithms at work, hilarious personified in the film by actor Vincent Kartheiser, analyze our online activities to create a detailed model of our preferences. In the Dakota theory of the universe, they personify the maternal power and spirit called Hunka. Prabhakaran had come to personify the movement, and its miserable end became a symbol of Tamil defeat and Sinhalese triumph. These wild horsemen of the stormy sky embody or embody “rain transmitters” like their prototypes in the Vedas. In one scene, he confronts the epilepsy of his brother, whom he personifies as a dragon.

Big business needs a historical figure to personify their interests and tendencies. In the visual arts, it has long been common to use human figures to represent a range of natural phenomena, personal qualities, abstract ideas, etc. The Greeks and Romans showed us how to do it. Many of their gods and goddesses themselves represented one thing, be it dawn (Eos, Aurora), wisdom (Athena, Minerva) or war (Ares, Mars); When they were depicted in an idealized human form (like a beautiful woman holding a scale), each became a personification of that phenomenon, quality, or concept (in this case, justice). Inspired by classical art, Renaissance painters and sculptors also began to produce thousands of artistic personifications—of time or madness, or France, or vice, or poetry, or America. And in the 18th century, English speakers began to use the word itself. Today, artists are less inclined to such representations, and the word is more commonly used to describe real individuals; When we call someone the personification of style, greed or loyalty, we mean the ideal, embodiment or embodiment of that quality. Florida mall mogul Mel Semble is proud to embody the kind of big Republican cat that Mitt Romney depends on. Microeconomics: production, market structure and eJournal price A public excuse is that you should personify the former. To personalize; to adopt and present certain characteristics. Give each real estate object an imaginary concept.

Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. In biblical history, the same term has been used to personify the tradition of the first shipbuilder, Noah. BÉLIER They embody progressive ideals without acting as a free radical. Yet the Trocks have gotten away with it for so long because the humor and beauty they embody are able to overcome the barriers of intellect and identity and strike a universal nerve with their audience. You`ve entered a whole new character – you now personify retributive justice.