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Philippine Medical Technology Laws and Bioethics Pdf Free

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4032 Cancellation clause Validity Cong. Janette Garin Senate Bill 2722 2/28/11 Sen. Edgardo Angara May & November = MT Board Examinations September = Phlebotomy Council examinations exclusively for TM: -Examination of excretions / secretions / tissues -BB Procedures and techniques -Micro / Para procedures and techniques -Histopathology, cytotechniques —————————————————————————————————Clinical research -Laboratory Clinique QC -Production of Reagents and Standards -Conservation and collection of samples Composition: 1534 President: Director of Higher Education Vice-President: PRC Commissioner Members: a. Director of BRL b. BOMT v. President of the PSP d. President of PAMET e. V. Representatives of the Deans and Schools of MT & PH (PASMETH) PAMET President PASMETH (May 2012) Dean, Arellano University Recommend the minimum required program Det. MT students approve MT schools recommend and formulate a refresher course (3x failed the exam) RA 5527 = BSMT – 4-year course including 12 months. CMO Internship #14 s. 2006 – Guidelines, Standards & Guidelines for MT Education – MLS = 6 months.

Internship Chair: Dr. Registered Physicians b. Foreign MT as a guest or exchange professional v. MT serving with the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in the Philippines Section 15: 2x/year Exam Evaluation CRP RA 8981: 10-Day Report Result Section 19: Evaluation in To pass: the exam ♫ – Overall average at least 75% – No grade lower than 50% in a major subject – Did not fail 60% of subjects calculated according to their relative weight 3x failure: (applies to MT/PH only) – 12 months. Refresher course in an accredited MT school, or – 12 months. Postgraduate training in an accredited laboratory Section 20: Oath taken by the BOMT or a person authorized by the Takeboard Article 21: Issuance To the successful candidate: 21 years of COR Signed by 4 persons: a. BOMT (3) b. President of the PRC Posted at the COR workplace as a TM without examination TM graduate, with practice for 3 years, Practice started before 21/06/69 graduated from another profession, with TM practice for 8 years, practice started before 21/06/69 COR as MLT Passed the civil servant exam for MLT on 21.03.64 2 years college + 1 year of service (before 21.06.69): has. For each year at the college, 2 years of service may be replaced b.

10 years of service, regardless of education Overall average: 70-74.9% 1 RMT Can process 2 MLT (ratio 1:2) Article 23: Refusal to be convicted by the court to issue COR. Unhealthy mind Incurable communicable diseases Article 24: Administrative revocation or suspension Conducted by at least 2 board members + 1 legal adviser = 3 investigation a. Recall = unanimous vote (3/3) b. Suspension = majority decision (2/3) = cannot exceed 2 years Article 27: Foreigners No foreigner may exercise TM unless reciprocity has been established in a country/state concerned, authorize Philippine TM, Article 28: Annual List Established by the Secretary of the Board of Directors MT a. Name of RMT b. Date of registration c. Address d. Other important information pages| Art.

292 § 29: Criminal provisions § 30: Severability clause § 31: Cancellation clause § 32: Validity RA 4688 AO 2007-0027 Classification laboratories 1‟ Laboratory 2‟ Publicly accessible laboratory Violations: a. Practice machine translation without COR b. Practicing machine translation without the supervision of a pathologist c. Practice machine translation with the CoR of others. Practice of machine translation with suspended COR e. Fraudulent laboratory reports f. Failure to declare the COR Fine: 2,000 to 5,000 pesos or imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years If one provision of RA 5527 is declared invalid, the others will not be affected. Republic Act No. 5527 amends all implementing rules, regulations and regulations that are inconsistent with it, except: a. Philippine Medical Act of 1959 (RA 2382, as amended by Republic Act No.

4224) b. Clinical Laboratories Act, 1966 (RA 4688) v. BB Act (RA 1517) 21.06.69 President Ferdinand Marcos RA 4688 Clinical Laboratories Act of 1966 18/06/66 Revised Rules and Regulations for the Registration and Accreditation of Clinical Laboratories in the Philippines 22.08.07 Authority: BHFS Scope: All clinical laboratories in the Philippines, except the laboratory performing microscopy work for DOH a. Air Base Screening b. Malaria smear v. Screening for sexually transmitted diseases and cervical (Pap) cancer 1. Property – a. Government b. Private 2. Function – a.

Clinical pathology – b. Anatomical pathology 3. Institutional character – a. Institutional – b. Autonomous 4. Ease of maintenance – General clinical laboratory = 1‟, 2‟, 3‟, limited ease of maintenance Laboratory – Special laboratory Routine hematology: Hgb, Hct, WBC, WBC differential UA & routine FA Qualitative platelets Blood group (in hospital) 1‟ Laboratory plus ff: page | 293 Quantitative platelets Cross-paired Gram/KOH stain Routine chemistry: glucose, urea, uric acid, cholesterol 3‟ Laboratory 2‟ Laboratory plus ff: Specialty chemistry Special hematology: Coagulation tests Immunology and serology Culture and sensitivity Limited service Examples: Capacity Laboratory laboratory at the dialysis centre Social hygiene laboratory Special laboratory Molecular biology Assisted reproduction technology STAT “Statim” Immediate w / in 1 hour General requirements 1.