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Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm (office), Wed: 9am-12pm (walk-in legal advice clinic during the semester), Wed: 6pm-7.30pm (legal clinic, by appointment only Provides free legal advice and information on a variety of topics. Recommendations are made when is unable to help. To access legal services, you must first go to a legal aid centre. Client interviews are conducted by law students, followed by advice or recommendations provided by a UNLC lawyer. Seniors` legal clinics operate year-round by appointment for clients aged 60 and over (50 and older for Aboriginal clients). Our students, supervised by university staff and volunteer lawyers, advise the public. Get to know the team that offers our legal advice. COVID restrictions may affect our legal clinics, so please contact our office on 02 492 18666 to confirm current arrangements before visiting a clinic and fill out a form to request a free legal appointment at our centre. Other sources of free legal advice: Local Counselling Agencies – Birmingham Law Society James Ferguson ParalegalsFields of work: OIA, General Employment Legal Support, General Litigation Support Email: Working hours: Mon – EnOther contacts: Emma Legal Services provides legal advice and representation for the University. Instructions usually come from senior university officials or their delegates. Legal department lawyers act on behalf of the university and are unable to undertake personal legal work for individual employees or students.

The Community Legal Clinic offers free legal services to those in need. Second- and third-year law students, led by Professor Carl Hernandez, represent clients in areas such as immigration, contracts, housing and other matters. Citizenship and other community courses are also taught at the clinic. We look forward to providing a source of legal advice to those who need it and creating a rewarding opportunity for our volunteers. External legal advice and representation for the university is also provided by Legal Services, see: UNLC welcomes feedback from clients who have received legal advice and participants in community legal education. It is a source of ideas to improve services and activities. All comments received will be kept confidential and treated in a manner that protects privacy. The Newcastle University Legal Centre (UNLC) provides the public with free legal advice and information on a range of issues. If the UNLC can`t help you, they will direct you to someone who might be able to help you. If you visit the Newcastle University Legal Centre, you will be seen by current law students listening to your problem. You will then meet a lawyer from Newcastle University Legal Centre or a pro bono lawyer who can provide you with legal advice on your case. First, we will take some initial details from you to determine if we are able to help you or not.

When we can help you, we will contact you to schedule an appointment, after which our student volunteers will interview you to ensure they have all the relevant information so that they can advise you on the matter. Students then research your legal request and write a letter of advice for you. The process usually takes two weeks from the date of the interview and students are supervised by lawyers throughout the process. During academic semesters, Law Center law students and lawyers offer free legal advice to community members on a walk-in basis at morning clinics in NUspace. The Legal Advice Clinic is a new addition to our project offering within Pro Bono Company. The clinic is in full swing and we are working to connect with law firms and organizations to create a functional and sustainable source of legal advice. We are currently reviewing advice on issues such as housing and will be contacting the Access to Justice Project in this regard. This year, the clinic will be developed mainly online as an adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information, including free legal advice, location and contact information, please visit the Legal Center.

A series of 10-minute video information sessions is available to inform employees of key compliance issues. Each short video follows a storyline and includes narration from a lawyer explaining the relevant legal points and how they might apply to the university. To access IP research contracts and commercialization, see: If you`re looking for legal advice, it`s always best to call the Law Centre at 4921-8666 to find out exactly which clinics are operating at any given time. During Covid-19, clinics are managed by phone. To access UNLC legal services, you must visit a legal aid clinic. These take place during university semesters on Wednesday mornings (walk-in clinics) and evenings (by appointment) on the city campus. Clinics are also held one day a week in Newcastle Beach from mid-January to mid-February as part of the Law on the Beach program. In addition, pop-up clinics are held several times a semester at the Callaghan and Ourimbah sites. Your team has helped my business. Thank you all very much. At first, most entrepreneurs don`t have much to start with, and pro bono tips like this really save the day.

Thank you to all your team for putting everything in place for me. I really appreciate everyone`s efforts and it will give me a clearer vision for which I will always be grateful. BYU Law offers a variety of online client clinics that allow students to practice legal skills under the supervision of a practicing faculty member or lawyer. TLC is a free legal centre that operates the Family Justice Centre (“CJF”) walk-in clinic. Law students work with the CJF, a free clinic for people with divorce, custody or family law issues. Advice on immigration and housing is also available. Every first Tuesday of the month, a lawyer is available to advise seniors on legal issues common to seniors. UNLC also hosts evening counseling clinics in NUspace, staffed by pro bono lawyers and law students by appointment.

During the academic semester, UNLC provides free legal advice and information to community members. The Birmingham Free Legal Advice Group (FLAG) is a clinic run by university law students under the supervision of qualified lawyers and provides free legal advice in the following areas of law: If you would like Birmingham FLAG to help you with a legal application, please fill out an initial online application form. Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm (closed on public holidays) Support in English and Spanish Email: Phone: 801-297-7049 Comments may be provided verbally, in writing or by survey. Please contact: 02 4921 8666 or For information on contractor insurance requirements, see: If we can`t help, we`ll refer you to someone who may be able to help you. The International Centre for Law and Religious Studies was formally established and began its work on 1 January 2000 to provide the institutional basis for our long-term initiatives in the field of law and religion worldwide.