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Article 39.8 of Regional Law 17/2005 of 22 December 2005 on hunting and fishing in Navarra prohibits the use of weapons equipped with a “night scope”. In this way, the use of night vision devices would be allowed, as long as they are not used for recording. These sights are slightly more powerful. 2nd generation night visors are used by law enforcement, although they are also used by some professionals. The price starts at 1,000 euros. The improvement over the previous generation is the integration of a “microchannel card” or MCP. These are glass tubes that amplify electrons and thus obtain better quality images. Most night visors are equipped with a small infrared flashlight whose beam of light is not visible to humans or most animals. However, the infrared light emitted by this flashlight is captured by the night viewfinders, which can significantly increase performance in the complete absence of light. The main task of night visors is to allow their users to see in situations of absolute darkness without being seen. Technologically, night shades use residual light from a specific room to convert it into light projection.

This is made possible by an electronic system with which the existing residual light can be multiplied by 15,000. This office will not enter into the debate of whether night waiting with these elements is better or worse, but whether it is true that night or thermovisors are a reality, with more and more demand in armories, which is a legal issue and therefore requires a solution. Like the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands in Article 43.2 g) of Law 7/1998, of 6 July, on hunting in the Canary Islands and 58.2 g) of Decree 42/2003, of 7 April. They prohibit the use of sightfinder jackets for shooting. Night sights can be the perfect complement for waiting hunters (wild boars), as they offer the shooter the opportunity to observe his target with some clarity, even on nights without moons or stars. However, you should know that in Spain its use directly on a hunting weapon is prohibited. Article 68 b) of Law 13/2013, of 23 December, on hunting in Galicia, prohibits “sighting devices, which include an electronic light converter or amplifier for night shooting”. Therefore, the use of monoculars or night vision binoculars would be allowed, provided that they are not intended for shooting. The use of weapons equipped with a night image intensifier or electronic imaging equipment, i.e. thermal, electronic and infrared glasses or normal riflescopes with thermal, electronic or infrared couplings, is prohibited. The use of thermal and/or electronic binoculars and monoculars is permitted provided that they are not attached to the weapon or its scope and, where appropriate, that no clutch clutch clamps are worn or carried.

One of the areas that has developed most recently is night vision and even more thermal imaging. That is why it is very important to know where it is legal to hunt with thermal visors. These night lights are technologically superior. The price is prohibitive and these are usually visors reserved for individuals and the army. They usually last thousands of hours and allow you to view high-resolution images. The use of artificial light sources, mirrors or devices to illuminate targets or viewfinders, including an image converter or electronic image intensifier for night photography, including thermal riflescopes, is prohibited. However, for security reasons, there is no satisfactory alternative to identify the target at which it is fired and to prevent accidental shooting of persons, their property or species other than those permitted in the waters, or waiting for big game species outside the period between one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. Use artificial light sources that emit radiation in the visible spectrum, whether mounted on the weapon or not, but only at the time of launch or firing. Gigante Abogados, your law firm in Jaén in the field of hunting law, wants to deal with the fascinating world of waiting for wild boars at night and the elements of night vision and their legislative changes.

Article 26 of the Hunting Code of Castilla-La Mancha, as amended by Law 2/2018 of 15 March, prohibits the use of telescopic sights for night shooting for hunting purposes. These night viewfinders amplify the ambient light a thousand times. They usually contain infrared illuminations that can be seen in complete darkness. This is the cheapest option. They provide high-quality images, although they are sometimes blurry and have multiple uses: hunting, fishing and surveillance. Article 26 of the Hunting Code of Castilla-La Mancha, as amended by Law 2/2018 of 15 March, generally prohibits the use of “viewfinders incorporating an image converter or an electronic image intensifier for night photography, both for hunting and for the control of hunter populations. with the exceptions provided for by the regulations for night hunting”, as well as “weapons equipped with a telescopic sight for night shooting”. Therefore, the use of non-shooting night vision devices would be permitted.

As stated in Article 41 of Law 1/2015, of March 12, on the hunting of Aragon, sighting devices that are part of an electronic light converter or amplifier for night shooting are prohibited. Although Annex I of Law 8/2003 of 28. The October ban on wildlife explicitly prohibits the use of “weapons involving (…) Vision amplifier for night shots or electronic image converters”, the Junta de Andalucía, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, issued the resolution of May 20, 2022, declaring the area a temporary hunting emergency due to damage and health risks for wild boars and wild boars. As a novelty, the above resolution – in addition to the conventional/optical magnification sight – allows the use of target lighting or night vision devices, unless they are equipped with aiming systems or coupled to the weapon, for use before shooting during the practice of the night watchman modality. Like traditional landmarks, night riflescopes also have magnifications, especially those of advanced generations. In this sense, there are models of 2 elevations, 3 elevations and up to 6x. As for the price of these products, it is usually quite high, although it depends mainly on each model and the type of technology used. To clarify a little more, one can find night sights for firearms from 1,000 to 10,000 euros, the cheapest formats known as night vision monocars. Finally, it should be recalled that in Spain, the use of night sights mounted on firearms is prohibited for civilian shooters and hunters. You can only use monoculars and night vision devices that are not installed directly in a firearm. Article 41 of Law 1/2015, of 12 March, on the hunting of Aragon, prohibits the use of “sighting devices, which include an electronic light converter or intensifier for night shooting”.

Therefore, in this Autonomous Community, as a general rule, the use of this type of equipment for night photography is expressly prohibited, but there is no reference in any case to the prohibition of monoculars or binoculars not intended for shooting and whose use would be authorized. Darkness has always been one of man`s great fears. A fear based on an irrational fear of the unknown, of what cannot be seen or recognized with the naked eye. To illuminate dark environments, humans have resorted to technology whenever possible. Lanterns, spotlights or candles, as well as traditional torches, are among the most commonly used elements to illuminate open spaces or rooms bathed in absolute darkness. The main players in the use of night vision are hunters and professionals who can see without being seen. Under these rules, the first night visors were created, optical viewfinders whose main purpose is to give a significant strategic advantage to those who wear them. However, we will take every precaution, because the lack of clarity of the standard does not make it very well known when it comes to heat sights or simple flashlights. A gallium arsenide compound is added to 3rd generation night sights. In this way, an improvement in image quality is achieved while increasing brightness and sharpness. An ion barrier is also integrated to increase the life of the viewfinder. Article 33.1 c) of Law 6/2006, of 12 April, 12 April, as amended by Law 3/2013, of 17 July, prohibits the use of “search devices incorporating an image converter or an electronic image intensifier for night shooting”.