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Which Business Can I Start with 500Gh

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In most cases, the money needed to set up small businesses in Ghana far exceeds what the average Ghanaian entrepreneur can afford. Use these proven, authentic business ideas to build a six-figure amount. Some of these business ideas require zero budget, and there`s no doubt about that. All you need is perseverance and goal orientation. This article will take the pressure off you as I took the time to make a list of small businesses in Ghana with a good return on investment (ROI). For me, if you are looking for how to start a business with 500 Ghana Cedis as a lady, I suggest you get into pearl making. Affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. It doesn`t require a large starting amount, but if you want to succeed in this business module, you need to invest a little. To attract more customers and beat your competitors, you can invest a little money to promote your business and network. Think about the costs associated with this type of business? All you need is the cost of a blender, bowl, branded bottles, kenkey, sugar and milk. Did you know that you can start a business with 500 Ghanaian cedis? You can invest in the fastest growing business in Ghana, which requires a small start-up capital to minimize the risk of loss. Your salary will never be enough. For this reason, you need a second source of income to supplement the salary.

Brainstorming to develop as many business ideas for 500 Cedis Ghana as possible that will interest you. So if you`re still looking for how to start a business with 500 Ghanaian cedis, I think selling bags of water is on its way. The cost of a bag of it is not expensive. Even if you can`t afford to buy a refrigerator, you can opt for an ice chest and a block of ice to cool it for your customers. You can get a lot of marketing software from less than 500 Ghanaian cedis. To learn more about affiliate marketing, I recommend reading this article on how to properly start affiliate marketing. The ₵18 (GH₵100) you save to start a business today can put you on track to become the next Bill Gates or Aliko Dangote. Start an event planning business. The event planning sector is currently booming in Ghana. Every day people get married, celebrate birthday parties and other events! Starting an event planning can be extremely cost-effective if done right.

With 500 cedis, you can start this business in Ghana. You can start this business with 500 Ghanaian cedis; All you need is makeup, brushes and sponges and your innate talents. Ghana is one of the most blessed countries in Africa with several natural resources and opportunities to earn money. Despite these opportunities to create wealth, many young people in the country are still dependent and live in poverty. You can start buying items at low prices in local markets and sell them online at a higher price. This business model can work in two ways, the first being to sell old items you no longer need online. After selling all your old items that you no longer need, you can use this money to buy other used junk items from your friends, family or colleagues and resell them online at a higher price. Covid-19 has claimed so many lives in the last few months alone due to the continued spread of the virus. One of the most effective ways we all know of to reduce the spread of the virus is to sanitize and wash your hands regularly. It simply means that the demand for hand sanitizer is currently high. You can make and sell your own hand sanitizer at home. Click here to learn how to make your own homemade hand sanitizer.

This business can be very profitable in times like these if done right. Dropshipping is another multi-billion dollar industry that you can start with just 500 Ghanaian cedis. You can opt for a free Shopify account and get a branded domain that will only cost you around $12 per year. Set up your online store and upload your products. Do you want to be known as a serial entrepreneur? Do you only have GH₵500 to start a business? If your answers to the above questions are yes, this article is for you. Mobile apps are a big deal these days and if you can develop them, you`ll be making a huge amount of money for yourself every month. You will need skills to enter this industry, it is not a company for beginners. Some traders claim false information that they bought things abroad only to sell them at an unacceptable price.

If you are honest with your business and invoice appropriately, you may have a huge supply contract from some of the people you will meet in the offices. Of course, you can`t start an export business with GHC 500, but you can start something that will help you earn a decent income from your neighborhood. You can focus on grain or livestock. If you want to raise livestock, you can choose between poultry, snail farming, fish farming or goats and sheep. There are several other animals you can raise. 500 Cedis are enough to start the wholesale trade in Ghana. Create a business plan. In the business plan, determine how much capital you need to finance the business. Use your savings or borrow from a friend or family member. Formulate marketing strategies like social media advertising, call people you know, and send samples as gifts to potential customers. 70% of Ghanaian entrepreneurs experience this regularly.

Sometimes the money available is just not enough to start something reasonable, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, many people have a hard time finding a business that they can start with a small amount of money to make a reasonable profit. Have you ever had a business idea so brilliant that you just had to launch it, and the money will flow in, only to see the idea die because there is no money to start the business? If you already have writing skills, all you need is a laptop, notepad, and internet connection. You should also consider signing up as a freelancer on Sharks Hive will bring you many clients and also manage your payment negotiations so you can focus on improving your writing skills There are countless great business ideas for Ghana that you can imagine if you focus on women. Check retail prices for makeup tools and buy wholesale from brands that you and your target customers can afford. Invest in these beauty products from Phone spare parts and their prices are slightly different from the brand. Don`t invest in providing smartphone spare parts to your customers in order to reduce the start-up capital needed. Ask your customers to bring their spare parts, as you will recommend trusted sellers to choose from. Pearl making is a very delicate undertaking that needs to be formed, but what does it take to assemble a bead bracelet? The process you need to go through before starting a business in Ghana will empty your pocket if you start on a small budget.

Start a Kelewele business with 500 Cedis or less in Ghana. Ghanaians love to buy street food, especially at night. You can easily set up a Kelewele stand in a populated area or right in front of your house. You can also do Kelewele at home and take orders online. This business can be very profitable if done right. These students are not allowed to go out, so you can check with the school authorities and go there on weekends to have their hair cut. It`s money looking at you right there. Now that you don`t need to be an affiliate to generate advertising revenue on YouTube, anyone can start a channel, create videos regularly, and leverage it for a very limited investment. The second method for this strategy, as stated above, should be to go to your local markets or shops and get valuables such as phones, furniture, books, old-school textbooks, decorative arts. to buy. etc.

and run them online for a higher profit. This business can be very profitable if done right. All it takes is commitment and entrepreneurial thinking. Not only how to start a business with 500 Ghanaian cedis, but also how to start a profitable business and live your best life.