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Member in Need of a New Home

Member in need of new home

Pacific Coast Cutters had a fire at their shop on July 1, and thankfully no one was injured, but due to the damage to the building they need to relocate. They would like to find a permanent new home with more space than they currently have but are open to a short term lease as they would like to vacate the building so repairs can begin. Currently they are leasing approximately 500 sq ft of office, 2000 sq ft of shop & indoor storage space and 6500 sq ft of outdoor storage space. Like most members of the ECA the shop area would be used to repair vehicles and equipment, indoor storage area for housing saws, blades and hand tools and the outdoor storage or yard to park utility trucks, compressors & generators. Pacific Coast Cutters have been at their current location since 1991 and although the Petaluma area would be preferred they are looking at all possibilities.


If you know of a location that they could move to contact Cathy Stallman at 707-974-5810 or via email at or