Northern California Engineering Contractors Association

PLA Agreement

The below link is the recently received information on the City of Santa Rosa and County of Sonoma Project Labor Agreements that could affect your businesses.

1.  Here is the “official” PLA Agreement which I’m told, will be part of bid docs for City of Santa Rosa public works projects in excess of $500k.  I’m told projects are coming out in very short order under the PLA and bid solicitations will incorporate the PLA requirements.

2.  As to the Sonoma County PLA, that is being “negotiated” right now.
I’m told trucking is the main “sticking point” for the negotiators and it is likely that trucking issue won’t be resolved prior to May 21, which is the Supervisor Meeting the PLA will be publicly discussed.  I’m also told that “scope of work” covered by the County PLA is being discussed as to including batch plants specifically furnishing materials to the project in question.
I hope this information is helpful to you.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me.  I will send you contact information for the County negotiator, Yvonne Shu, if you want to send her a message regarding the County PLA.  Please let me know if you want Yvonne’s contact information and I’m happy to forward her information to you.


John Bly