Northern California Engineering Contractors Association

Committee News

CR Committee-Chair Lacey Torkelson Smith and yours truly did a one hour “ride-a-ling” with City of Santa Rosa City Manager Smith on Friday to see firsthand how weeds and poor maintenance by the City of Santa Rosa is hurting the appearance of the city.  This is important because businesses and residents look at the appearance of the city and get first, second, and lasting impressions about living here, or moving here.  The ECA and Lacey are supportive of cleanup efforts, but we have some reservations that we expressed to City Manager Smith on Friday.  More to come later—

Auction Committee-no report

Golf Committee-the Tournament is set for Friday July 21, 2023.  We will be going back to our old favorite at Windsor Golf Course.

Spec Committee-The first meeting with the revamped Spec Committee was held on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, from 4-5:30pm.  The minutes are attached HERE so you can see how the ECA is representing our contractors, engineers, and members.  Low Impact Development was the main topic, and the meeting was important, and eye-opening.               

Car Show Committee-No report

Nominating Committee– The proposed slate 2023 Board of Directors was made to the General Membership on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at the Annual General Membership Meeting and the General Membership voted in the entire slate of 2023 Directors.  Thanks to the General Membership and to the 2022 Directors under the leadership of President Walt Turner.  Next, we have the 2023 calendar year led by new President Antonio
Mencarini and his 2023 Board of Directors ~ click here

Please save the date of our Installation and Awards Dinner on Feb 4, 2023, at the Rohnert Park Hilton Doubletree.  This is the event that will showcase our Volunteer of the Year Jeanine Cleary (Argonaut), Contractor of the Year (Ghilotti Construction Company), Affiliate of the Year (Valdivia Trucking), and our Hall of Fame Newest Inductees (posthumous Ed Winters of Argonaut, and living is Rob Lee of Team G)! We will also be welcoming  incoming President Antonio Mencarini of Ghilotti Construction Company and the 2023 Officers and Board of Directors!

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