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County of Sonoma Solicitation Invitation

You are invited to participate in a County of Sonoma solicitation.  Review this information and use the URL below to login and bid on this solicitation.

Event Overview

Event Name:  Bid Roadway for Repairs at Fort Ross Rd.

Sonoma County Public Infrastructure is soliciting bids for the Roadway Repairs at Fort Ross Road. FEMA PROJECT NO. 106231. The County requests that bidders submit their bids electronically in the Sonoma County Supplier Portal as further defined herein in the section titled “General Work Description,” below. Bidders shall submit the entire bid book and all other required documents in the bid submission. The County will open all Bids promptly following the deadline for receiving Bids and initially evaluate them for responsiveness, and determine an Apparent Low Bidder as specified herein. The Sonoma County Director of Public Infrastructure will review the bids and refer the bids to the Board of Supervisors to consider awarding the project within 60 to 90 days of the bid opening. QUESTIONS:Inquiries or questions based on alleged patent ambiguity of the plans, specifications or estimate must be communicated as a bidder inquiry prior to bid opening. Any such inquiries or questions, submitted after bid opening, will not be treated as a bid protest. Technical questions should be emailed to Stevan Hunter at at the Sonoma County Public Infrastructure. Only questions received no later than 5:00 PM Tuesday April 2, 2024 will receive a response.  An Addendum, if necessary, will post on the County’s Supplier Portal on Friday April 5, 2024.  VIRTUAL MEETING:The bid opening will be held April 16, 2024, at 2:00pm online via Microsoft Teams platform. Please log on to the supplier portal to obtain meeting information. This can be found in the Notice to Bidders and Special Provisions Document.  PREVAILING WAGE:The successful Bidder must comply with all prevailing wage laws applicable to the Project, and related requirements contained in the Contract Documents. This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations. The successful Bidder must comply with all prevailing wage laws applicable to the Project, and related requirements contained in the Contract Documents. SUPPLIER PORTAL: Login to the County of Sonoma’s Supplier Portal to view the Bid and all supplemental documents. You must be registered in the County of Sonoma’s Supplier Portal ( to login and view, upload, and download all solicitation documents, and to submit electronic proposals or bids. It is incumbent upon all interested parties to check for any changes, including updates or addenda, by logging into the County’s Supplier Portal and reviewing the event. For any issues with the Supplier Portal please email:

Event Details

Event Id:  SC001-0000001807 Round 1 Version 1
Event Starts:  03/14/2024 9:15AM PDT
Event Ends:  04/16/2024 2:00AM PDT
Header Attachments:  SupplierAccountManagementInstructionsADA.pdf, Supplier_Registration_Instructions_ADA.pdf, How_to_View_Solicitations_and_Submit_Bids_ADA.pdf, Bidder_Registration_Instructions_ADA.pdf,
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