Northern California Engineering Contractors Association

Santa Rosa’s Planning & Economic Develpment

The City of Santa Rosa’s Planning & Economic Development Department’s over-the-counter review is now accessible starting at 8:30 a.m. to address a desire for earlier access to the front counter.  This expansion effort, using existing resources, has provided some immediate relief to customers through reduced wait time averages.

We will continue to monitor the impact to our customers, compared with our baseline data, and are reaching out to customers, both residential and commercial/developers, through a survey to understand where additional hours of operation will have the largest and most beneficial impact.

To better understand our community’s broader service counter access needs, and so that we may begin strategically planning according to those needs, the Planning & Economic Development Department asks for your feedback.  In addition to filling out the survey, please share this link widely, as it’s open to anyone who does business with the department, whether personal or business, local or not local.