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Prevent Striking Fixed Objects – Vehicle Safety

Striking fixed objects with moving equipment or vehicles
is common on construction sites, and for occupations
such as delivery drivers.

Striking fixed objects is 100% avoidable if the proper
steps are taken to prevent these kinds of incidents.
It is important to take the time and energy to properly
eliminate or mitigate the chance that fixed objects are:
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Clothing & Safety

An important but often overlooked aspect of safety is what we decide to wear each day on the job. Safety rules, weather, type of work, hazards of the work, and many other factors weigh in on what type of clothing is optimal for the tasks being completed that day. It is vital to consider the impact clothing can have on safety at work.

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Heavy Equipment – “Two Major Hazards”

Heavy equipment such as cranes, bull dozers, front loaders, dump trucks, excavators, etc. are used on virtually every single construction site.

There are many hazards created by the use of this equipment for those who operate it and especially for those who work around the equipment. It is easy to become complacent when working around these machines every single workday.

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Skid Steer Safety – Jim Persons, Safety Pride

Skid Steer Safety

Skid steers are a common piece of equipment found in a variety of industries. While they are small in size, the danger these machines can pose can be large. It is critical to take time to recognize the hazards present during the operation of skid steers so that the necessary best practices can be followed.


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Shortcuts are a Choice

Shortcuts are a Choice

The decision to take a shortcut can be influenced by many different factors. That being said, at the end of the day shortcuts are a choice made by an individual. It is important to realize this fact and take steps to avoid taking shortcuts especially when it comes to safety on the job.


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Work Areas Best Practice

Often much of our focus is given to the specific hazards of a work task, but less focus may be given to the hazards created by poor work area conditions.

Work areas that are chaotic and that have poor organization can lead to more injuries and property damage incidents.

It is important to consider what improvements we can make to our work areas to create a safe work environment.

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Job Announcement

Estimator – Heavy Civil Construction

Salary / Wages: Depends on Experience

Full-Time Position with competitive benefits package including medical, dental, 401k, paid holidays


  • Minimum of 2 years experience in residential and/or commercial projects.
  • Proficient in Excel (required) and HCSS construction software.
  • Work hand in hand with the project management and field supervisory departments.
  • Must have a clear understanding of construction site work plans, scope of work, and Geotechnical specifications.
  • Set up and attend site walks, bid reviews or other with general contractors, property owners or land developers.
  • Compiles various documents to generate a proposal, including quotes from vendors/suppliers, estimates from subcontractors, etc.
  • Knowledge of insurance requirements for private and public heavy civil construction projects.
  • Knowledge of permitting requirements for private and public heavy civil construction projects.
  • Commitment to building & maintaining client relations.

Please send resumes to:, not

Organization of Work Areas

The way we set up our work areas makes a significant impact on our ability to work safely as well as efficiently.

All too often, our work areas are set up and not changed for extended periods of time, even when a rearrangement would be a significant improvement.

Complacency often plays a factor in why our work areas are not changed for the better.

Taking the time to evaluate your work areas as well as taking action to eliminate hazards can prevent an injury from occurring.
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From the Desk of Jim Persons

Distracted While Walking on a Jobsite

Everyone has seen the commercials and the billboards warning people of the dangers of texting while driving. What about the dangers of using a cellphone while walking?

There are many videos online of individuals who are distracted while walking and end up injured.

While some of these videos can be innocent and funny, the consequences of this unsafe act can be severe.


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Burn Hazards

Burn injuries are common both at home and in the workplace. The American Burn Association states that there are over 40,000 hospitalizations each year due to burns.

There are a few distinct types of burn injuries.

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