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Common Safety Mistakes

Some of the most dangerous situations arise out of common mistakes that can be easily avoided. This Toolbox Talk will focus on some of the more common (and commonly overlooked) safety issues that should be prevented to help improve safety performance.

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Job Opening – Construction Technician I/II

Construction Technician I/II

Brelje & Race Consulting Engineers has an immediate opening for a Construction Technician. Experience should include underground utility, asphalt paving and/or water/wastewater treatment plant projects. The individual will be responsible for field engineering and construction monitoring at sites in Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties. This on-call position is seasonal, with nearly full-time hours when active.

Responsibilities include contract compliance monitoring; observation and reporting of construction activities; coordination of quality control testing; tracking and coordinating project schedule; and maintaining client goals and expectations. Office duties may include assisting with contract administration services such as reviewing submittals, responding to requests for information, and maintaining construction contract logs and files.

Compensation: $55 to $75 per hour depending on experience, education, and licensure/certifications

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Electrical Ground Safety

It is critical to understand where electricity is located on a jobsite in order to avoid
electrocutions of workers.

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Working Alongside Subcontractors

No matter what industry you are in, you are inevitably going to work around subcontractors
or vendors quite often. The services of other companies are necessary to move work

Like any new addition or change in a workplace, subcontractors can create many hazards for
everyone working there. It is important to consider the hazards created when utilizing
subcontractors and what can be done to mitigate the hazards.

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Job Opening at City of Santa Rosa


This recruitment is being conducted to fill vacancies in Transportation and Public Works – Capital Projects Engineering (CPE) Division, as well as any future regular or limited-term vacancies Citywide during the life of the eligible candidate list. If you are interested in this position or a possible future Civil Engineering Technician position at the City, should one become available, including transfer opportunities, you are strongly encouraged to apply now. The City of Santa Rosa is committed to building a workforce reflective of our community and establishing a lasting culture of equity and belonging within our organization. Our collective talents and expertise contribute to high-quality public services that support a vibrant, resilient, and inclusive City for our community and visitors. We celebrate a diverse workforce and welcome all qualified candidates to apply.

Civil Engineering Technician I, II, III | Job Details tab | Career Pages (

Civil Engineer Technician Job Bulletin 8 28

Workplace Violence Safety

Workplace violence is any threat, disruptive behaviors, intimidation, physical aggression, or act of violence
in the workplace, including homicide. Homicide in the workplace is currently the fourth leading cause of
death on the job.

According to OSHA, over 2 million people report being victims of workplace violence every year.

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Five Reasons to Work Safely Today

We all have different reasons for why we choose to do certain things and why we may not choose to do others. When it comes to working safely, we should all want to choose to make the right decision. We all are different in the way we think, but there are many common reasons why we should choose to work safely. No matter what your motivator may be, keep these five reasons in mind as to why we should all strive to work safely.

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Heavy Equipment Safety— Two Significant Hazards

Heavy equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, front loaders, dump trucks, excavators, etc., are used on virtually every single construction site. There are many hazards created by the use of this equipment for those who operate it and especially for those who work around the equipment. It is easy to become complacent when working around these machines every single workday.

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Attitude and Safety

How does attitude affect your work and safety on the job?  What is your attitude today? We all have days where our overall attitude could improve, but how is yours towards your coworkers, boss, or safety on a day-to-day basis?

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Safe Driving Skills

Driving contributes to far more work-related deaths and serious injuries than all other work
activities. Review safe driving skills and company safety standards using this safety meeting

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