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General Safety – Signs

You might see over 100 of them as you ride to work. Signs — they are everywhere. How
many of these do you actually notice? Probably not many. That creates a problem.
Not only do signs litter the streets, but they may also be all over your workplace. Do you
see them? Do you notice them? Do they mean something, or do they just make the
workplace look safer to the outsider?
Signs are placed to warn and educate. They are not simply decoration.

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Landesign Construction & Maintenance, Inc
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From Head to Foot

Business reviews would seem to indicate that today Americans are spending more for clothing than any time in history. This is in accordance with American standards, and to deny the advantages of being meticulous in dress would be an insult.

And yet, we take so much pride in the social aspect of our dress – what about the really important angle? What about the manner in which we dress for work with safety in mind?

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Hazard Control for Lasers

The type of laser which has found the greatest use in the construction industry has been the helium neon gas laser. Its beam has been used to project a reference line for construction equipment in such operations as dredging, tunneling, pipe laying, bridge building and marine construction.

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Accident Investigations

An accident investigation is required whenever a serious incident
happens on the job.

The less time intervening between the accident and the investigation, the more accurate the information that can be obtained. Facts are more accurate because people have not had time to become biased by the opinions of others, memories are clearer, and more details are remembered.

Why do we investigate an accident? The reason is to obtain accurate information about what happened. What events led up to the accident; who was involved with the work; did anyone fail to follow procedures or did a piece of material or equipment fail?

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Tricks of the Trade

Know the purpose of each tool in your toolbox and use each for the task it was designed to do. Keep cutting edges sharp.

Before you lift anything think about the weight of the load. Too heavy? Get help, not hurt! When you do lift, bend your knees, hold the load close to your body and use your legs to lift.

Be alert to eye hazards at your work site. Wear appropriate eye protection. On and off the job, protect your hearing by wearing the proper protection.

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR for short, is the best form of
artificial resuscitation.

In the old days we were taught to use the back pressure arm lift method when someone stopped breathing. We did not have a method to make the heart keep pumping blood. CPR has been around for years now, and yet we still find people who do not know how to use this life saving

Let us talk about when to use CPR.

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Attention: Members of Northern California Engineering Contractors Association

The San Francisco Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Ordinance requires any person or company that transports mixed construction and demolition debris (mixed C&D debris) to obtain a permit for each vehicle or each debris box used to transport mixed C&D debris that originates in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Environment Department (SFE) prepared a letter and fact sheet to provide more information about this mixed C&D debris transporter permit requirement. Please share these materials with your colleagues and/or members to help them understand the permit requirements and how they may apply to their business activities in San Francisco. 

Letter  /  factsheet

If you have any questions about this request or about the transporter permit requirement, please email, call 415-355-3799, or visit

Thanks in advance for your assistance


C&D Debris Recovery Team

San Francisco Environment Department

P: (415) 355-3799